The 7th Protection of Structure Against Hazards (PSH2018) conference, held in Hanoi, Vietnam, aims to provide a forum for participants to review, discuss and present the latest developments in the protection of structures subjected to hazardous load. Papers on topics covering protection of building structures, infrastructure systems, components, and human life under man-made hazards such as impact load, blast load, chemical explosion, fires, or terrorist attacks etc, or natural hazards such as earthquakes, wind storms, floods, corrosion and natural degradation, landslides, ground subsidence etc, are welcomed to this conference. PSH2018 is co-organised with the National University of Civil Engineering, Vietnam; and supported by Institute for Building Science and Technology, Ministry of Construction, Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology; Centre for Infrastructural Monitoring and Protection, Curtin University, Australia; Advanced Protective Technologies for Engineering  Structures (APTES), University of Melbourne, Australia; and International Association of Protective Structures (IAPS). The conference is pending PDUs from the Singapore Professional Engineers Board.