33rd OWICs 2008 papers
Papers for 33rd OWICS

33rd OWICS List of Papers

Conference Lecture 2008

(100033001) 30 Years research on the durability of port and harbor structures
N Otsuki*

Keynote Papers

(100033002) Green options for high temperature cured concrete through the use of fly ash and blast furnace slag
Lucy Acquaye*, Abdol Chini and Mark Danso-Amoako

(100033039)Sustainable construction - are we harnessing the potential of silica fume
Des King*

(100033039)Design for durability of concrete structures for long-life span a perspective from Japan
Kenji Sakata*

(100033004)Electro-osmosis using multi pulse sequencing for removing and repelling water out of buildings and other structures
Christopher Stanley* and Ian McFeat-Smith

(100033005)Sustainable concrete construction in the Middle East
Christopher Stanley*

(100033049)Optimization of concrete structures
Petr t?pnek*

(100033054)The role of concrete in a sustainable built environment
Holger Wallbaum*

Technical Papers

(100033006)Effects of crushed and natural sand on the properties of fresh and hardend concrete
Saeed Ahmad* and Shahid Mahmood

(100033007)The influence of difference of structural and wave conditions on spatial corrosion environment in the superstructure of a jetty
T Amino*, N Otsuki, A Moriwake and T Habuchi

(100033008)Development of technological regulations in the manufacture of aggregates for fine concretes from the dumped open-hearth furnace slags
N S Anashkin and S I Pavlenko*

(100033009)Strength and durability of polymer and fly ash modified ferrocement roofing / flooring elements
L Andal*, M S Palanichamy and M Sekar

(100033010)Proposed two-dimensional model for estimating the rate of steel corrosion in existing reinforced concrete (rc) structure
Melito A Baccay*, Nobuaki Otsuki, Takahiro Nishida, Marish S Madlangbayan and Tsuyoshi Saito

(100033011)The investigation of effect of steel fiber on the shear behavior of self compacting concrete beams with normal and high strength
M H A Beygi*, J Vaseghi Amiri, A Rezai Moazen, N Ranjbar Malidareh and M Harajpoor

(100033012)Economy of using high performance concrete in columns
Mohamed M Yousry El Shikh

(100033013)High performance concrete by least cost
Mohamed M Yousry El Shikh*

(1000330014)Drying shrinkage of steel-making slag concrete
T Fujii*, T Ayano and K Sakata

(100033015)Neural network mapping in the simplified design of mix proportions using coal bottom ash waste in concrete hollow blocks
S. Gallardo*, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng and Nobuaki Otsuki

(100033016)Thermal mechanical behavior of confined fibrous lightweight aggregate concrete
Rami H Haddad* and Dima M Ashour

(100033017)Durability design in the African concrete code
M N Haque, H Al Khaiat* and B John

(100033018)A study on the use of construction wastes as aggregates on high performance concrete
Chung-Ming Ho*, Wei-Tsung Chai and Min-Chong Hong

(100033019)Bond stress-slip relationship in reinforced concrete: new relationship and comparative study
Sung-Nam Hong*, J-M Park, Tae-Wan Kim, Kyoung-Bong Han, Sun-Kyu Park and W-J Ko

(100033020)The effect of alkali solution ratio and curing temperature on properties of fly ash base
P Kamhangrittirong*

(100033021)High performance concrete in Kuwait
Hassan J Karam* and Saud F Al-Otabi

(100033022)Study on current distribution at concrete defects for cathodic protection in reinforced concrete member induced by chloride attack
K Kawaai*, N Otsuki and K Matsukawa[/link]

(100033023)Affect of seismic intensities and soil types on foundation design
Shaukat Ali Khan and Muhammad Javed Iqbal*

(100033024)The visualization of concrete construction: construction life story
Derek L Lloyd*, Satish R Sathe and Gajanan M Sabnis

(100033025)Mechanochemical (nanostructural) synthesis of fireproof concrete from natural and secondary mineral resources
M V Lukhanin*

(100033026)Effect of silica fume on water absorption of structural lightweight concrete containing saturated leca fine aggregates
Morteza Madhkhan, Masoud Hosseinpoor, Ehsan Fereshte nezhad, Ahmadreza Talebian, Golnaz alsadat Mirfendereski, Behrooz Esmaeelkhanian and Majid Ebad

(100033027)Physio- mechanical behaviour of reactive powder concrete under aggressive environment of contaminated soil
M K Maroliya*, Anant Parghi, C D Modhera and Bhavin A Patel

(100033028)Shear strength of short recess precast dapped end beams made of steel fibre self-compacting concrete
R N Mohamed* and K S Elliott

(100033057)Comparison of chloride permeability of metakaolin and fly ash concretes and mortars under elevated temperatures
Abid Nadeem*, Johnny Y N Mok, Salman Azhar, Brian H Y Leung and Gary Tse

(100033029)Effects of granite fines on some engineering properties of sandcrete blocks
G L Oyekan* and O M Kamiyo

(100033030)Single and mixed size coarse aggregates in sandcrete block production
G L Oyekan*

(100033031)Investigation on fresh and hardened properties of fiber reinforced self-compacting high performance concrete with rice husk ash as pozzolanic filler
B H V Pai* and Ramkishan Rao B H

(100033032)Micro mechanical crack and deformations study of SFRC deep beams
Anant Parghi*, C D Modhera and M K Maoliya

(100033033)Effect of ductility and deformations study of SFRC deep beams
Anant Parghi*, C D Modhera and M K Maoliya

(100033034)Performance of polypropylene fiber reinforced mortar under thermal cycling
A Qudah*, R H Haddad and K H Rebat

(100033035)Relatioships between physical parameters of high strength seven wired strands used in prestressed concrete
Liaqat A. Qureshi*, Qaiser-uz-Zaman K and Nazar A. Bhutta

(100033036)Phenomenological model to re-proportion geopolymer compressed blocks
Radhakrishna*, A Shashishankar and B C Udayashankar

(100033037)Bond improvements of gfrp bars embedded in normal and high strength concrete
Khaled S Ragab* and S I Zaki

(100033038)Strength characteristics of hybrid fiber reinforced self compacting concrete subjected to sustained elevated temperature
K Ravi* and K B Prakash

(100033040)A model to predict the ca/si ratio of c-s-h in concrete containing mineral admixtures
T Saeki* and K Sasaki

(100033041)New materials for concrete technology: nano powders
Remzi ?ahin* and Meral Oltulu

(100033042)The effect of curing temperature on strength characteristics and hydration reaction of steel slag hydrated matrix
T Saito*, N Otsuki and I Suzuki

(100033043)AB-initio molecular dynamics study on crystal structure of beta-dicalcium silicate
R Sakurada*, A K Singh, B Yakobson, M Uzawa and Y Kawazoe

(100033044)Flexural performance of rc beams reinforced with braided composite FRP bars
R Sakurada*, T Shimomura, K Maruyama and S Matsubara

(100033045)Concrete strength using different methods of testing
Salih Elhadi Moh. Ahmed*

(100033046)The effects of unskilled labor on the quality of concrete construction
Elias B Sayah*, Mahadeo S Randive and Gajanan M Sabnis

(100033047)Behavior in flexure and shear of glass fiber reinforced self compacting concrete beams
L V A Seshasayi, B S Reddy, C B Reddy and Shaik Umar Kumar

(100033048)Seismic isolation for medium rise reinforced concrete frame buildings
Himat T Solanki, Vishwas R. Siddhaye and Gajanan M. Sabnis

(100033050)Performance of non-engineered structures under wind loads
Dwayne A Thurton, Pratap M Raval and Gajanan M. Sabnis*

(100033051)A static damage detection parameter for reinforced concrete members
Shih-Shong Tseng*, Feng-Sheng Ling, Her-Yuan Wang and Ming-Chao Lin

(100033052)Analysis and assessment of flow and strength characteristics of CLSM
B C Udayashankar, A Shashishankar and Radhakrishna*

(100033053)The world first portal frame building (Wilson Hall) constructed using ultra-high performance concrete
Y L Voo* and W K Poon

(100033055)Identification of stability of concrete tunnel lining using coupled modeling
Kamila Weiglov and Petr Prochzka*

(100033056)Use of concrete admixtures to produce waterproof concrete Asia results
Zhang Shu Qiang*, Chen Hong Fang, Zhong Hua, Leung Fuk Ming and Nick Peng