32nd OWICs 2007 Papers
Papers for 32nd OWICS

32nd OWICS List of Papers

Conference Lecture 2007

(100032001) Concrete can be beautiful - the role of surface finishes in enhancing the appearance of concrete
Christopher C. Stanley*

Keynote Papers

(100032002) The Indian experience of ready mixed concrete (RMC)
C. R. Alimchandani*

(100032003)Innovative deployment of reinforced concrete bridge decks
D. Blakeman, I. Harik* and D. Carpenter

(100032004)Multigrade, multivariable, cusum quality control
K. W. Day*

(100032005)Supporting a sustainable future with microsilica concrete
Des King*

(100032006)New theoretical aspects in linear viscoelastic analysis of concrete structures
F. Mola*

(100032007)Considerations on the threshold chloride content values on the corrosion of steel bars in concrete
N.Otsuki*, T. Nishida and M. Madlangbayan

(100032008)Ready mixed concrete in the 21st century
Christopher C. Stanley*

(100032009)ISO concrete standards and correspondences in each country
Yukikazu Tsuji*

Technical Papers

(100032010)Effect of ground granulated blast furnace slag, on the alkali aggregates reaction for various types of aggregates
Saeed Ahmad* and Attaullah Shah

(100032011)Comparative study of two commercially available superplasticizers on the properties of concrete
Saeed Ahmed*, Attaullah Shah and Ajmal Saleemi

(100032012)Designing durable concrete structures in the Arabian Gulf: A draft code
H. Al-Khaiat*, B. Jones and M. N. Haque

(100032013)Ultrasonic pulse testing, chloride content and sulphate content of recycled concrete as coarse aggregate
A. M. AlKhaleefi* and N. Z. AlMutairi

(100032014)Structural performance of pc bridge remarkably damaged by chloride induced corrosion and strengthening effects of external cable method
T. Amino*, A. Moriwake and T. Habuchi

(100032015)The ??Wrap technique: an innovative procedure for strengthening the vault masonry structures by composite materials. the theoretical approach
L. Anania*, A. Badal, S. Costa and G. DAgata

(100032016)New approach towards crack determination in concrete using UVP test
A. M. Anwar*, K. Hattori, H. Ogata, M. Ashraf and A. Goyal

(100032017)Influence of chloride ion content and stress on steel corrosion in cement paste grout
Yosuke Azuma*, Shinichi Miyazato, Kyoji Niitani, Kazuo Yamada and Suguru Tokumitu

(100032018)Study on moisture transport and pore structure of pc and blended cement concrete by monitoring the weight loss during the drying process
Sabet Bahador* and H. C. Jong

(100032019)Sustainable concrete - the designers new imperative
David Ball*

(100032020)Concrete constructions in seismic regions: intervention strategies and lessons learned from past earthquakes in Algeria
M. Chemrouk*, N. Attari, Z. Derradj and F. Bouzid

(100032021)Fire damaged rc columns subjected to biaxial bending
Y. H. Chen, Y. F. Chang*, G. C. Yao and M. S. Sheu

(100032022)The effect of hot-dry environment on reinforced concrete beams
F. Farhat* and S. Assadi

(100032023)Optimizing mix proportions of reactive powder concrete using group method of data handling and genetic programming
Ali Haghighi*, Mohammad Reza Koohkan and Mohammad Shekarchizadeh

(100032024)Application of precast concrete in epping to Chatswood rail line
Cathy Han* and Jim Rozek

(100032025)Characteristics of self-consolidating concrete incorporating volcanic ash
K. M. A. Hossain* and M. Lachemi

(100032026)Development of flowable fill products incorporating cement kiln dust
K. M. A. Hossain*, A. Lotfy, M. Shehata and M. Lachemi

(100032027)Study on the quality control of roller compacted concrete
Yasuji Itoh*, Kimitaka Uji and Kazushi Tsujimoto

(100032028)Structural performance of rc members connected by replaceable joint for superstructure of open-type piers
M. Iwanami*, H. Yokota and K. Terauchi

(100032029)Flexural behaviour of hybrid fibre reinforced self compacting concrete
G. Jeenu*, U. R. Reji and V. Syam Prakash

(100032030)Study of modes of structural failure due to earthquake
Shaukat Ali Khan*

(100032031)Concrete technology advances in New Zealand
Michael Khrapko*, Warren South, Len McSaveney and Derek Lawley

(100032032)Study on applicability of steel slag hydrated matrix to steel reinforced members under marine environment
T. Kimura*, N. Otsuki, P. Wattanachai and T. Nishida

(100032033)Shear strength of lightweight concrete one-way slabs
Y. J. Kum*, T. H. Wee and M. A. Mansur

(100032034)Basic study on concrete with fly ashes collected at different times
Mitsuhiro Kumamoto*, and Shinichi Miyazato

(100032035)Field application of concrete containing a small amount of nylon fiber
K. Kurono, Y. Sato*, C. Kiyohara, T. Otani, T. Hirohara and D. Selivansky

(100032036)Tensile behavior of twisted steel fiber reinforced cementitious composite
W. J. V. Lin and S. T. Quek*

(100032037)Efficiency factor for silica fume & metakaoline at various replacement levels
R. Malathy* and K. Subramanian

(100032038)Influence of cement content on chloride-induced corrosion in the presence of cracks
Ananda D. Medagoda Arachchige*

(100032039)Behaviour of spiral reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete columns
M. H. Myat* and T. H. Wee

(100032040)Design of cantilever retaining walls
Ammara Nusrat and M. Akram Tahir*

(100032041)A study on the temperature dependency of the activity degree of silica fume on the strength development of 150 MPa class concrete
A. Ohta, T. Sugamata and Seow Kiat Huat*

(100032043)Effect of admixtures on the compressive strength of sandcrete blocks
G. L. Oyekan*

(100032044)Crushed waste glass in sandcrete block manufacture
G. L. Oyekan*

(100032045)Effect of Nigerian rice husk ash on some engineering properties of concrete and sancrete blocks
G. L. Oyekan* and O. M. Kamiyo

(100032046)One-sided moistened arches
P. P. Prochazka* and A. E. Yiakoumi

(100032047)Studies on 3D micro-geometry and diffusion tortuosity of cement-based
materials using x-ray microtomography
Michael Angelo B. Promentilla* and Takafumi Sugiyama

(100032048)Cost-effective repairs of marine piles
D. V. Reddy*, J. C. Bolivar, Z. Abou-Saleh and R. Waghray

(100032049)Crystal structure analysis of dicalcium silicates by AB-Initio calculation
R. Sakurada*, A. K. Singh, T. M. Briere, M. Uzawa and Y. Kawazoe

(100032050)Flexural performance of rc beams reinforced with braided organic FRP bars
R. Sakurada*, T. Shimomura, K.Maruyama and S.Matsubara

(100032051)Permeability of foamed concrete
C. S. Sanjaya*, T. Tamilselvan and T. H. Wee

(100032052)Mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete beams with pva short fiber subjected to repeated impact loads
Y. Shirane*, M. Iwanami and H. Yokota

(100032053)Ready mixed concrete using manufactured sand as fine aggregate
V. Syam Prakash*

(100032054)Influence of fine stone dust on high strength concrete
V. Syam Prakash*, Dhanya Krishnan and G. Jeenu

(100032055)Applications of self compacting concrete
S. N. Tande* and P. B. Mohite

(100032056)Development of mortar for structures
K. Teranishi* and Y. Tanigawa

(100032057)Effect of dry density of bentonite in contact with concrete on its lteration after electrical migration
M. Watanabe*, K. Nakarai, T. Sugiyama, N. Tomizawa and Y. Tsuji

(100032058)A holistic approach to concrete surface durability
D. J. Wilson*