Conference Secretariat Services
1. Establish the basic policies for the conference with the organising committee.
2. Conference budget preparation.
3. Theme selection.
4. Invitation of conference international advisors and keynote speakers.
5. Obtain the support of relevant organisations, both local and overseas, where required.
6. Preparation of the announcement brochure.
7. Provide immediate response to conference enquiries.
8. Provision of information regarding the paper format, audio-visual equipment requirements, and other requirements to invited authors.
9. The printing of the Conference Proceedings.
10. Recommendation of Conference Venue.
11. Liasing with the decided Conference Venue.
12. Provision of hotel booking and conference registration support.
13. Desemination of conference releases to magazines, allied Organisations and Institutions.
14. To provide assistance to the organising committee in the preparation of the conference programme.
15. If required, we also promote the conference for attendance in selected countries.
16. Provision of support throughout the duration of the conference.
17. Prepare conference report after the conference.

We also provide other event organising services. Contact us for details.

Exhibition Co-ordination
Co-ordinate conference with an exhibition.

Mailing Services
1. Make available the relevant mailing list.
2. Mailing of brochures.

Note:If the mailing list is given to us, the service charge will be at $200.00 per thousand mailers. This excludes postage and envelopes.
If our mailing list is to be used, a names-rental and service charge of $500.00 per thousand mailers is applicable. Postage and envelopes will be charged at cost.

All direct costs of photocopying, telephone, facsimile, conference package, printing costs, postage, stationery would be charged as billed by the suppliers.

These are services that will be expected to run a Conference.
Should there be any other areas that require our attention, please contact us.

CI-Premier Pte Ltd, updated 13 September 2005