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5th international conference on
15-16 November 2012, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

In conjunction with the 5th International Conference on "Protection of Structures against Hazards", a Course (presented by Mr Donald Dunsenbery, USA) will be held. Kindly refer to the brief programme below.

You may also download the full tentative programme and course outlines here.



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This Conference is "Qualified for 18 PDUs by PEB"

The Course on BLAST-RESISTANT DESIGN on 14-15 November 2012
(in conjunction with the 5th I.C. on Protection of Structures against Hazards)
is "Qualified for 10 PDUs by PEB"

Support Journal:
The International Journal of Protective Structures
(Editor: Prof Hong Hao (Australia) will publish a special issue of selected papers from the conference.)

Support Magazine:
Concrete Opening (CSDA, USA)

Organised by:
CI-Premier Conference Organisation, Singapore


Following the successful international conferences on PROTECTION OF STRUCTURES AGAINST HAZARDS in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2009, the Committee is calling the 5th Conference to continue the discussion on the engineering and technological aspects and issues that will make structures safer against natural or man-made hazards.
The previous four conferences were well attended and the Proceedings (with an ISBN reference) are now available.

The Conference Organising Committee unanimously felt that we should move at hyper-speed to inform and to educate scientists, engineers and indeed the public at large about the causes and consequences of tsunami, earthquakes and radiation exposure.

As you may be aware, many countries are considering nuclear power as a source of energy and much is read in newspapers about the effects of radiation. How should the benefits derived from nuclear power be offset against the hazards that could damage our environment in the future? As an island, we felt that we should learn from our Asian friends about the forces of nature and the design/protection of facilities, infrastructure, etc.. We would also like to learn about civil defence procedures under such circumstances. These and many other questions can be discussed at a proper platform.

We will be providing this platform by organising a special session in an established International Conference on the Protection of Structures against Hazards. We proposed to feature strongly and indeed dedicate an entire day for experts to outline their thoughts, expertise and views on Tsunami, Earthquakes and Radiation to enable a new generation of people to better understand the causes and consequences of such power natural occurrences.

Conference Chairman Dr T S Lok, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore invites your participation.