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11th SS (2012)
SS12 Papers
11th international conference on
12-14 December 2012
Great Tang Harvest Hotel, Qingdao, China

Organized by: Shandong University of Science & Technology, China
Supported by: Singapore Structural Steel Society, Singapore
Managed by: CI-Premier Conference Organisation, Singapore

International Advisory Committee Chairmen
-Prof GuoQiang Li, Tongji University, China
-A/Prof S P Chiew, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Conference Chairman:
Prof. Wang Lai, Shandong University of Science & Technology, China

Papers received as of 4 December 2012

Conference Plenary Lecture
The national specification for fire-resistance of steel structures in China
Guo-Qiang Li and Chao Zhang

Conference Special Lecture
Study on mechanical properties of cable supported truss structure
Zhihua Chen and Qi An

Keynote Papers
Numerical modelling of scaffold structures at Oxford Brookes University
Robert G. Beale

Experimental study on the ultimate load-carrying capacities of concrete filled steel tube battened columns
Baochun Chen, Qiaoling Yan, Fuchun Song and Bruno Briseghella

Seismic behaviour and energy dissipating ability of steel frames composed of members
with non-compact or slender elements [abstract only]
Yiyi Chen, Xin Cheng and Lingli Pan

Difference between hot-formed and hot-finished structural hollow sections
S.P. Chiew and M.S. Zhao

Structural behaviour of concrete filled elliptical steel hollow sections
Dennis Lam, Xianghe Dai and Norwati Jamaluddin

Novel deployable protective structures
J. Y. Richard Liew and C. Y. Ma

Behaviour of concrete-filled stainless steel tubular columns at ambient and elevated temperatures
Zhong Tao, Lin-Hai Han and Brian Uy

Behaviour and design of high strength steel-concrete composite columns
Brian Uy

Static and dynamic behaviour of a parapet wall of the abutment
Toshitaka Yamao, Atsumi Kawachi and Mitsuo Tsutsui

Transient state tests of light gauge steel single shear screwed connections
Shu Yan and Ben Young

Technical Papers
Study on wind-resistant performace of beam string structure with high strength steel
Zhengxian Bai, Ximing Hou and Mingfei Chen

Longitudinal shear resistance of composite slabs with profiled steel sheeting
Y.Q. Cai and S.P. Chiew

Static performance studies of plane tubular truss loaded at different positions
Cheng Chen, Hui Qu and Yongbo Shao

Experimental study of residual static strength of cracked concrete-filled circular
tubular T- joint
Mingjuan Cui and Yongbo Shao

Deflection of box-core sandwich beam under bending in weak direction
Mingjuan Cui and Yongbo Shao

Comparative study on steel-concrete shear walls with steel encased profiles
retrofitted with FRP composites
Daniel Dan, Alexandru Fabian, Valeriu Stoian and Tamas Nagy-Gyrgy

Application of a general component-based connection element in structural
fire analysis
Gang Dong, Ian Burgess and Buick Davison

The behaviour of composite steel-concrete shear walls with steel encased profiles
under cyclic loads
Alexandru Fabian, Valeriu Stoian and Daniel Dan

Experimental studies and results of research program on rc slabs with cut-out
openings retrofitted with CFRP systems
Sorin-Codrut Florut, Valeriu Stoian, Tamas Nagy-Gyorgy, Daniel Dan and Dan Diaconu

Development of static and dynamic analytical method of stone arch model
Chihiro Fujita, Toshitaka Yamao, Keiichiro Koga and Akira Kasai

Experimental study of CFT bracing connections behaviour under half cyclic loading
M.M. Hassan, H. Ramadan, M. Abdel-Mooty and S.A. Mourad

Robustness of joints to composite columns in fire
Shan-Shan Huang, Buick Davison and Ian Burgess

Influence of welding on high strength steel plate-to-plate Y-joints
- Part I: simulation of residual stress
Y.F. Jin, M.S. Zhao, C.K. Lee and S.P. Chiew

Group effects of multiple self-drilling screws on the connection shear strength for
high strength cold-formed steel
H.H. Lau and S Y. Tang

A new mesh modelling technique for elastic-plastic analyses of cracked plate-to-plate and circular hollow section (CHS) welded joints
Seng Tjhen Lie, Vipin Sukumara Pillai and Tao Li

Dynamic behaviour of web cleat steel connections
Rahi Rahbari, Buick Davison and Andrew Tyas

Frequency-based tension measurements for suspenders and main cables of
Nanpanjiang suspension bridge
Ning Song, Yuan Zhong and Yukun Mu

Shear strength and moment-shear interaction of steel-concrete composite beams: experiments, numerical analyses, and design models
George Vasdravellis and Brian Uy

Bending behaviour of v-core sandwich plate under bending in weak direction
Yamin Wang and Yongbo Shao

Experimental test on static strength and failure mode of gusset plate
H.Y. Zhang and Y.B. Shao

Influence of welding on high strength steel plate-to-plate y-joints
- Part II: simulation of heat affected zone
M.S. Zhao, Y.F. Jin, C.K. Lee and S.P. Chiew


On behalf of Prof SingPing Chiew and Prof Lai Wang, we Invite submission of abstract (of about 300-400 words) in any important topic and area in steel structures and steel technology

? Design and analysis
? Building and Space Structures
? Steel-framed Houses
? Bridge Structures
? Marine and Harbour steel structures
? Fatigue and Fracture
? Earthquake and dynamics
? Cold-formed steel structures
? Beams and columns
? Connections
? Fabrication and construction
? Steel technologies and materials
? Information technology

Important Dates:

? Abstract deadline - 15 May 2012
? Notification - 01 Jun 2012
? Full text - 15 Sept 2012
? Conference dates - 12-14 December 2012

Full Papers received by 1 November 2012 may be considered for inclusion.
Please use paper preparation template.

SS12 Paper Template

Publication Policy

Please note that it is part of the requirements of submission of abstract that the author or one of the co-authors will attend the Conference and present the paper.
Papers accepted for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings will have to be registered, with a text-inclusion fee (SGD400 for each accepted paper). All registered participants would be issued with a copy of the proceedings. It is also an understanding that the Organisers hold the copyrights of the papers published in the Proceedings, which will carry an ISBN reference. The proceedings would be submitted to the relevant indexed organisation after the conference

No formal form for submission is required, just email your abstracts of 300-400 words (with the paper title and keywords) to:

The Conference Secretariat, Mss Peggy Teo at

Conference Secretariat:
CI-Premier Pte Ltd
150 Orchard Road #07-14, Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841
Tel: +65 67332922
Fax: +65 62353530