STUP Award 2008


STUP Award 2008

(Sponsored by STUP CONSULTANTS LTD, India) through C R Alimchandani



Title: Proposed two-dimensional model for estimating the rate of steel corrosion in existing reinforced concrete (rc) structure

(From page 137 to 146 in OW08 Proceedings Vol. XXVII)

(Authors: Melito A Baccay*, Nobuaki Otsuki, Takahiro Nishida,

Marish S Madlangbayan and Tsuyoshi Saito)

Presented by Melito A Baccay*,

Technological University of the Philippines





Steel corrosion is a serious problem affecting many reinforced concrete (RC) structures worldwide. However, in spite of the many papers published about corrosion, development of reliable measurement techniques for on-site corrosion monitoring is relatively few. To fill this gap, this study was conceptualized aimed at the development of a two-dimensional model for estimating the rate of steel corrosion in existing RC structure.

Using this model, corrosion along the vertical and horizontal reinforcing bar can be estimated simultaneously. In this study, the total current density which is the sum of macrocell and microcell current density was calculated based on voltage differences between nodes. Estimation of the corresponding macrocell and microcell corrosion rates in the steel bar was easily obtained by developing a numerical program using a computer-software called Mathematical. The result of the test shows that the progress of steel corrosion in existing RC structure can be easily estimated using the proposed model. Moreover, identification on the location of corroding zones in the reinforcing bar can be easily determined and properly established.


Keywords: Corrosion, microcell corrosion, macrocell corrosion, reinforced concrete, steel