RMCAS Award 2008

RMCAS Award 2008

(sponsored by the Ready-Mixed Concrete Association of Singapore)



Title: The influence of difference of structural and wave conditions on spatial corrosion environment in the superstructure of a jetty

(From page 115 to 120 in OW08 Proceedings Vol. XXVII)

(authors: T Amino*, N Otsuki, A Moriwake and T Habuchi)

Presented by T Amino*,

Toa Corporation, Japan




Marine concrete facilities, such as jetty-type wharves etc., are the typical RC structures damaged by chloride induced corrosion. Especially the RC superstructures of a jetty composed of slabs and beams are susceptible to damage due to chloride attack. Moreover, the degree of deterioration is dependent on the location and relative position of the members (i.e. berthing side or revetment side, distance from the sea level, the operating conditions of the structures and the wave conditions, etc.). Inorder to keep the serviceability and the safety performance of a jetty over long periods, it is very important to evaluate the spatial corrosion environment in the structure taking various conditions into consideration.

This paper presents the investigation results on chloride supply conditions in the superstructure of several types of jetties that have been in service for more than 20 years. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the influence of difference of structural conditions (i.e., the existence or nonexistence of the revetment behind a jetty or the curtain wall for attachment of fenders, and the distance from sea level to the bottom of each member, etc.) and wave conditions (i.e. the wave direction to the jetty and the frequency of ship arrival, etc.) on spatial corrosion environment in the superstructure of a jetty. As the results, it could be found out that corrosion environment in the superstructure of a jetty was greatly affected by the structural and wave conditions.


Keywords: RC superstructures of a jetty, spatial distribution, chloride content at the surface, structural conditions, wave and operating conditions