OWICs06 Papers
Conference Special Recognition Lectures by Er Lau Joo Ming (abstracts only)

Lecture 1: Blueprints for success - Singapore's public housing development
Lecture 2: System and technology development for our quality public housing
Lecture 3: Maintenance and performance strategy for public housing development
Lecture 4: Innovative Research & Development in a World Class Public Housing


(100031001) Improving habitats for the rural population
C R Alimchandani*

(100031002) Precast and cast in situ slab systems for residential buildings
F Giussani and F Mola* (keynote speaker)

(100031003) Low-calcium fly ash-based geopolymer concrete
B V Rangan*, D Sumajouw, S Wallah and D Hardjito

(100031004) Never mind the quality - crush the cube!
C Stanley*

(100031005) Concrete around the World
O H Wallevik*


(100031006)Production of self-compacting concrete using Glenium-110
S Ahmad*, I A Bukhari, A Elahi and S Afzal

(100031007)Effect of thermal stresses in concrete lining of power channel
S Ahmad* and A H Shah

(100031008)A study on properties of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete
S Ahmad*, I A Bukhari, J I Siddiqui and S A Qureshi

(100031057)The workability and strength development of ground fly ash-concretes
M Akram Tahir* and A Nusrat

(100031056)A simple and efficient way of mixture proportioning of fly ash-concrete
M Akram Tahir* and A Nusrat

(100031009)Strength of concrete made with crushed concrete as coarse aggregates
A M AlKhaleefi* and N Z AlMutairi

(100031010)Deterioration of Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait
H Al-Khayat* and M N Haque

(100031011)Experimental Study of retrofitted flexural reinforced concrete beams in tension and compression areas with fibres
W B Almajed* and R Y Xiao

(100031012)Geopolymer: A new generation construction material
O Arioz*, M Tuncan, E Arioz and K Kilinc

(100031013)Influence of a new family of chemical admixtures to properties of fresh and hardened concrete
S Asmus*, J Kluegge, J Yang

(100031014)Influence of bleeding and temperature on the corrosion of steel in concrete
M A Baccay*, N Otsuki and T Nishida

(100031015)Effect of preconditioning of concrete under accelerated test
Sabet Divsholi Bahador* and H C Jong

(100031016)Utilisation of phosphogypsum in cement mortar and concrete
S S Bhadauria* and R BThakare

(100031017)Experimental study on compressive strength of corroded concrete
Y F Fan, Y S Chen, Z Q Hu and X Li

(100031018)Effect of temperature on different properties of concrete
U Ghani*, F Shabbir and K M Khan

(100031019)Change in concrete properties due to lack of curing
U Ghani*, F Shabbir and K M Khan

(100031020)Strength assessment of axially loaded partially encased composite columns
E M Hanna and A E M Amin

(100031021)Temperature susceptibility of fiber reinforced cement mortar
M A Hossain*, M R Karim, M N Islam and D K Paul

(100031022)Fire resistance of cement mortar containing high volume fly ash
M A Hossain*, M N Islam and M R Karim

(100031023)Evaluation of air-permeability of cover concrete by single chamber method
K Imamoto*, K Shimozawa, M Nagayama, J Yamasaki and S Nimura

(100031024)New development for high quality concrete with extended functions
K Iriya*, R Chikamatsu, N Takeda and S Sogo

(100031025)Strength properties of grade 30 rice husk ash concrete
Kartini K*, Mahmud H B and Hamidah M S

(100031026)Proposed design method of cathodic protection for reinforced concrete member induced by chloride ion
K Kawaai*, N Otsuki, T Nishida and K Matsukawa

(100031027)Myths about Materials
D King

(100031028)An economic perspective of advantages of using lightweight concrete in construction
S Kivrak, M Tuncan, M I Onur, G Arslan and O Arioz*

(100031029)Preliminary design of concrete structures using genetic algorithms and spreadsheets
J Kong and T C Kwok

(100031030)Inherent ductility of reinforced concrete shear walls with non-seismic detailing
J S Kuang and Y B H

(100031031)Identification of Cl- Diffusion Coefficient of HPFRCC with Multiple Cracks
K Kubota* and S Miyazato

(100031032)Assessment of different time-dependent models in high-strength concrete
M Mazloom*

(100031033)Lightening & strengthening of building using structural lightweight concrete
H Mehdinezhad, D Beheshtizadeh* and R Mirrezaei

(100031034)Shear area of reinforced concrete circular cross-section members
I Merta* and A Kolbitsch

(100031035)Mitigating the effect of clay content of sand on concrete strength
L M Olanitori

(100031036)Prediction of moisture migration and pore pressure development in concrete subjected to microwaves
K C G Ong and R Prakash*

(100031037)Sensitivity analysis of adaptive magnitude spectrum algorithm identified modal frequencies of reinforced concrete frame structures
K C G Ong, M Maalej and Z Wang*

(100031038)Thermal stresses in microwave heating of concrete
K C G Ong and A Akbarnezhad

(100031039)Seismic strengthening of nine-storey rc building using concentric and buckling-restrained bracing
A Rahai and M Lashgari*

(100031040)Early age properties of high early strength concrete subjected to steam curing
Ramesh Babu C and M Santhanam*

(100031041)Effect Of Fire On Structural Elements Retrofitted By
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

D V Reddy*, K Sobhan and J Young

(100031042)Control of mixing water content and durability of concrete
R Sakurada* and Y Kawazoe

(100031043)Bending behavior of rc beam reinforced with braided aramid FRP bar
R Sakurada*, T Shimomura, K Maruyama and S Matsubara

(100031044)Application based mix proportioning for Self-Compacting Concrete
A Sengupta and M Santhanam*

(100031046)Structural damages in different areas of Abbottabad during the earthquake of October 2005
F Shabbir*, U Ghani, Q Z Khan and Q U Farooq

(100031045)Estimation of slag content and water-to-cementitious material ratio of hardened concrete
K Sisomphon*, M H Zhang, S Q Zhang, F Qi and H K Kor

(100031049)Effect of thermal cycles on compressive strength of high volume fly ash concrete
P Sravana, P Srinivasa Rao* and M B Seshagiri Rao

(100031047)Strengthening structurally deficient rc beams with externally bonded corrosion resistant stainless steel (CRSS) plate reinforcement
K Suguna, P N Raghunath, V Thiruvenkatachari and V Nagaradjane

(100031048)Experimental study on the impact behavior and performance of reinforced concrete beam with some absorbing materials
S Tachibana*, H Masuya and S Nakamura

(100031050)Higher order finite strip analysis of clamped reinforced concrete skew slabs
S N Tande*

(100031051)Fundamental properties of concrete with cement dispersing agent for retempering
K Tokuhashi, M Shoya, M Aba*, T Kamata and D Mito

(100031052)Effect of size of coarse aggregate on compressive strength of high strength concerts
M. Yaqub* and Imran Bukhari

(100031053)Comparison of core and cube compressive strength of hardened concrete
M. Yaqub* and M. Anjum Javed

(100031054)Development of mix design for high strength concrete
M. Yaqub* and Imran Bukhari

(100031055)Bond strength of reinforced laterized concrete beams
F. Falade, G.L Oyekan*[/size]