OWICs05 Papers
Keynote Papers

(100030001) Models for the serviceability limit states of r.c. structures
F Giussani and F Mola*

(100030002) Performance-based specifications for concrete (P2P) education perspective, progress and future for better concrete
G M Sabnis*

(100030003) Development of hybrid prestressed concrete bridges with steel corrugate web construction
S Ikeda* and M Sakurada

(100030004) Mumbai Trans Harbour Link - revolution in development of Mumbai and New Mumbai
C R Alimchandani*

(100030005) Measurement of temperature gradient induced moment of reinforced concrete members
at elevated temperatures and its estimation method

T Kanazu and Y Aoyagi*

(100030006) How hot is your concrete and does it really matter? -Heat evolution and its effects on concrete cast on construction sites in Asia
C Stanley*

(100030007) Effects of triaxial stress on concrete
T H Tan*

(100030008) Rehabilitation of a major railroad station in New York City--a case history of micropile application and an integrated foundation design for jacking and load transfer
C H Chen*, O Sandoval and C C Chang

(100030009) Strengthening of concrete and masonry Structures with fiber reinforced polymers (FRP)
M Ehsani*

(100030010) Parameters determining the flow of concrete matrix
H Vikan and H Justnes*

Technical Papers

(100030011) Properties of self-compacting concrete- an overview
P Aggarwal*, Y Aggarwal, S M Gupta and R Siddique

(100030012) Effect of different mix ratios and water cement ratios on sulphate attack on concrete
S Ahmad* and F Shabbir

(100030013) Effect of water-cement ratio on corrosion of reinforced concrete
S Ahmad* and Z Shabir

(100030014) Effect of superplasticizers on workability and strength of concrete
S Ahmad*, M Nawaz and A Elahi

(100030015) A study of permeability and tortuosity of concrete
Shamsad Ahmad*, A K Azad and K F Loughlin

(100030016) Strength development of fly ash concrete dried at early ages
M Akram Tahir* and A Nusrat

(100030017) Strength development of concrete due to chemical composition of incorporated fly ash
M Akram Tahir* and E Moeen

(100030018) Influence of locally manufactured super-plasticiser on the durability of concrete
M Akram Tahir* and Z Alam

(100030019) A study on durability of fly ash-cement Mortars
M Akram Tahir* and M Sabir

(100030020)Designing for the effect of progressive cracking in reinforced concrete slabs
A M Al-Khaleefi* and C T Jan

(100030021)Mitigation of delayed ettringite formation using class F fly ash or mix water conditioner
A M Amde*, A Azzam and R A Livingston

(100030022)Maximising the benefits of 'continuity' in structural concrete frames
C Arum and O A Olotuah*

(100030023)A criticism of self compacting concrete
H Azamirad* and D Beheshti-zadeh

(100030024)Structural Light weight concrete production using Eskandan region pumice
D Beheshti-zadeh* and H Azamirad

(100030025)The state of the art in chemical admixtures
B J Christensen*

(100030026)Experimental research on joints of prestressed concrete beam and composite concrete
column with core of concrete filled steel tube under low-cyclic reversed loading

Deng ZhiHeng*, Fan YeShu, Xiang Ping and Wan YunFang

(100030027)Effect of axial load on ductility of reinforced concrete columns
T Denpongpan* and H Shima

(100030028)Rehabilitation of a Major railroad station -a case history of drilled caisson application
and an integrated 3-D structural design

J Dorazio and C H Chen*

(100030029)Permanent ferrocement forms: a viable alternative for construction of concrete beams
E H Fahmy*, M N Abou Zeid, Y B Shaheen and A A Abdelnaby

(100030030)Construction of mass concrete dam with high volume fly ash and MgO in China
Gao Peiwei*, Wu Shengxing, Lu Xiaolin, Lin Pinghua, Wu Zhongru and Tang Mingshu

(100030031)Shrinkage of high strength concrete
S M Gupta*, V K Sehgal and S K Kaushik

(100030032)Introducing fly ash-based geopolymer concrete: manufacture and engineering properties
D Hardjito*, S E Wallah, D M J Sumajouw and B V Rangan

(100030033)Plastic shrinkage crack controlling mechanism of synthetic short fiber
A Hosoda*

(100030034)Recovery technique of unhydrated cement grains from waste fresh concrete by lime stabilization
A Ishii*, R Sakurada, K Maruyama, K C G Ong and Y Kawazoe

(100030035)Experiments on vibration monitoring for soundness diagnosis of bridges
R Itsukaichi*, A Hasegawa, T Suzuki and H Hato

(100030036)Beauty and durability of architectural concrete
Jiang Jiabiao* and K Ee

(100030037)Admixtures for underwater concreting for repair of cracks in the structure
V Kumar, R Kumar*, S Mandal and A N Sinha

(100030038)Experimental study on ultimate bond strength of deformed bars in r/c member retrofitted with external prestressed steel rods
M Kuroki*, K Kikuchi, T Yamakawa and Y Maeno

(100030039)Monitoring of very early age shrinkage using image analysis
Kyaw Myint-Lay* and K C G Ong

(100030040)Modelling of lightweight high-strength concrete under impact
Le Jialiang*, C G Koh and T H Wee

(100030041)Numerical analysis method for cracking process simulation of concrete gravity and arch dams
Li Tongchun*, Wei Wei and Liu Xiaoqing

(100030042)Equivalent strain with four parameters for isotropic damage model of concrete materials
Liu Xiaoqing, Wei Wei and Li Tongchun*

Construction of slabs on ground without using tension reinforcement[/link]
M Mazloom*

(100030043)Crack stress of Geogrid reinforced cement composites under Thawing/Wetting cycles
Md. Zakaria Hossain*, Md Rokonuzzaman and S Inoue

(100030044)Flexural behavior of cement composites panels reinforced with different types of meshes
Md. Zakaria Hossain*, Md Rokonuzzaman and S Inoue

(100030045)The effect of clayey impurities in sand on the crushing strength of concrete (a case study of sand in Akure Metropolis, Ondo State, Nigeria)
L M Olanitori and O A Olotuah*

(100030046)Large displacement pullout problem in FRC
P Prochzka* and S Pekov

(100030047)Durability of sprayed mortar in cold region -resistance to chloride attack and freeze-thaw
R Sakurada*, K Hirata, S Kawashima, T Shimomura and Y Kawazoe

(100030048)Basic study on characters of molten slag and cement produced with illegally dumped industrial wastes in Japan
M Shoya*, T Tsukinaga, M Aba and H Yamamichi

(100030049)Comparison of ISI and ACI methods for absolute volume concrete mix design
A Singh* and K Gautam

(100030050)Structural characteristics of the Nagisa-bridge (cable-stayed suspension bridge)
T Suzuki*, H Kudo, A Hasegawa and Y Shioi

(100030051)Studies on cement replacement in concretes by Micro Silica 920-D
B L P Swami*, P Srinivasa Rao and P S S Narayana

(100030052)The residual mechanical and fracture properties of HPC after exposure to elevated temperatures
W C Tang*, R V Balendran and A Nadeem

[(100030053)A study on load transfer mechanism of connections in hybrid frame piers
T Tomoda*, S Hino, K Yamaguchi and S Guo

[(100030054)Influence of joint treatment on corrosion of steel bars in concrete exposed in marine environment for 25-years
F Ukishima*, N Otsuki, T Nishida, M A Baccay, A K Min and H Hamada

(100030055)Concrete failure mechanism in the nitrogen gas tension test
T Uno*, K Fujikake, S Mindess and Xu Hanfeng

(100030056)The influence of fibre reinforcement on the abrasion resistance of industrial concrete floors
V Vassou* and R Kettle

(100030057)Seismic retrofit of existing r/c rectangular columns with circular steel jackets
J H Wang*, K Kikuchi and M Kuroki

(100030058)Concrete buildings: achieving economical structural solutions by integrating advanced construction methods and highly effective structures
J Webb*, S Giblett, G Fyvie and N Lal

100030059)An analytical model for rectangular rc beams reinforced with prestressed CFRP plates
Wu Zhimin, Yang ShuTong* and Zheng Jianjun

(100030060)Comparision of non destructive tests results for fire affected and unaffected concrete structure
M Yaqub*

(100030061)Development of mix design for pump concrete using local material
M Yaqub*,.Q U Zaman, A R Ghumman and H Jawad

(100030062)Examination of ASR in waste glass materials
C Yasui, M Nagamitu, R Takada*, M Ohya, S Sato and T Nonaka

(100030063)Enhanced durability the key to 21st century concrete
C Stanley

(100030064)Construction of slabs on ground without tension reinforcement
M Mazloom