OWICs04 Papers
Special Conference Dedication Lecture

(100029001) Glimpses of structural design of Delhi Metro
M. Tandon

Conference Lecture 2004

(100029002) Beyond contemporary architecture and integration of architecture and engineering
C.R. Alimchandani* and A.C. Alimchandani


(100029003) Measures for ensuring protection against corrosion of passive and active reinforcement in major structural concrete works for obtaining a minimum life of 100 years
C.R. Alimchandani*

(100029004)Structural safety evaluation by means of fuzzy-probabilistic approach
V.I. Carbone, G. Mancini * and F. Tondolo

(100029005) Regulating concrete quality
K.W. Day*

(100029006) Preventing chloride induced rebar corrosion by anodic inhibitors - Comparing calcium nitrate with calcium nitrite
H. Justnes*

(100029007) Towards the design of ductile reinforced high strength concrete columns
S.K. Kaushik*, P. Bhargava and U. Sharma

(100029008) The chemical, physical, mechanical properties of SCC, a wide research programme in progress in Italy
Franco Mola*

(100029009) Development and application of rapid test methods for assessing the tightness of cover concrete
M. Shoya*

(100029010) Concrete- Lessons from the past in planning for the future
C.C. Stanley*


(100029011) Effect of compression reinforcement arrangement on ductility of reinforced concrete beams

(100029012) Variation in fineness of fecto cement and its effects on other properties of cement and concrete
Saeed Ahmad* and Liaqat Ali Qureshi

(100029013) Effect of water reducing concrete admixtures on the properties of concrete
Saeed Ahmad*, Attaullah Shah and Karamet Ali

(100029014) Investigation on extreme weather concreting
Saeed Ahmad* and Arshad Nazir

(100029015) Effect of elevated temperature on the strength of cement mortar with the inclusion of fly ash
T.U. Ahmed, Md. Shafiuddin Miah, Md. Akhtar Hossain*, Md. Niamul Bari and Md. M. Sazzad

(100029016) Characterization of two locally available fly ashes for making concrete
M. Akram Tahir* and M. Faisal Chaudhry

(100029017) Strength development characteristics of alkali and lime added flyash concretes
M. Akram Tahir* and m. Faisal Chaudhry

(100029018) Formulation of durability design of concrete structures
M. Akram Tahir* and P. O'Neill Iqbal

(100029019) Concrete carbonation in arid climate
H. Al-Khaiat*, M.N. Haque and N. Fattuhi

(100029020) Investigating some durability related properties of alkali-activated slag concrete
S. Al-Otaibi*

(100029021) Experimental investigation on high performance fly ash concrete in normal and aggressive environment
K. Arunachalam * and R. Gopalakrishnan

(100029022)Microstress fluctuations in cement paste as a granular material
A.M.F. Asmus* and G. Pezzotti

(100029023) Skills training and development for the concrete construction industry
J. Bagnara*

(100029024) Flexural behaviour of sand coated glass-fibre-reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars in concrete
R.V. Balendran*, W.C. Tang, H.Y. Leung and A.Nadeem

(100029025) Experimental evaluation of fracture behaviour of self-compacting concrete
S. Bullo*

(100029026) Bond and size effect in self-compacting concrete
S. Cattaneo* and G. Rosati

(100029027) Key technique and main innovation about concrete construction technique in The Three Gorges Project
Dai Huichao* and Li Jun

(100029028)Corrosion and durability of polymer modified concrete
M.M. El-Hawary *; A. Abdul-Jaleel and T. Al-Yaqoub

(100029029) Ferrocement sandwich and cored panels for floor and wall construction
Ezzat H. Fahmy*, Yousry B. Shaheen, Mohamed N. Abou Zeid, and Hassan Gaafar

(100029030) Strength and durability of steel-slag hydrated matrix without cement
T. Fujii, T. Ayano* and K. Sakata

(100029031) Evaluation of plastic shrinkage in concrete containing Iranian silica fume
P. Ghoddousi, Raiss Ghasemi * and T. Parhizkar

(100029032) Improvements in long term structural analysis of cable stayed bridges
F. Giussani, A. Minoretti, F. Mola* and C. Savoldi

(100029033) Creep, shrinkage and temperature effects in composite steel concrete bridge beams
F. Giussani and F. Mola*

(100029034) Proposal for corrosion rate analytical model of reinforced concrete
Y. Hasegawa*, S. Miyazato and T. Oyamoto

(100029035) Recycling molten slag from waste to concrete products and construction materials in Japan - a case study report
Y. Hosokawa*, M. Shoya, Y. Tsukinaga, H. Aba, H. Yamamichi and T. Sugawara

(100029036) Influence of type of cement on Ca Leaching from Concrete using experimental acceleration method
M. Ikeda*, N. Otsuki, T. Nishida and H. Minagawa

(100029037) Three dimensionally analysis of flat plate structures by equivalent grid method
Ilham Nurhuda* and Han Ay Lie

(100029038) Use of industrial by-products in concrete and quality assurance in production of blended cements
A.K. Jain*

(100029039) Synthetic structurel fibers for toughness and crack control of concrete
Jiang Jiabiao*, S. Loh and Toh Gasho

(100029040) Effect of blending of portland cement with ground granulated blast furnace slag on the properties of concrete
K.M. Khan* and U. Ghani

(100029041) Evaluation on using P-CON for phosphorous removal material and reusing P-CON for seaweed beds
T. Kuwabara*, T. Sato, S. Sato, T. Nonaka and K. Abe

(100029042) Environmental factors and dynamic direct tensile properties of concrete
G. Lin and D.M. Yan*

(100029043)Probabilistic model for degradation of concrete strength of bridges
Y. Liu and J.R. Zhang*

(100029044) Construction reliability of cantilever casting bridges
Y. Liu and J.R. Zhang*

(100029045) Condition assessment of r.c. structures for repair, rehabilitation by electrochemical method
D.P. Mase*

(100029046) Predicting time-dependent behaviour of high-strength concrete
M. Mazloom*

(100029047) A study on mechanical properties of cementitious composites with various recycled aggregates
Md. Zakaria Hossain* and S. Inoue

(100029048) Chloride ion migration in normal and blended concrete by applying electrical field at different voltages
Noor Amila Bt Wan Abdullah Zawawi, Nasir Shafiq* and Fadhil Nuruddin

(100029049) Mathematical model for the probability distribution of in-situ concrete compressive strength in North Cyprus
A. ztemel and S. Ensoy*

(100029050) Effect of partial replacement of cement with silica fume on the strength and durability characteristics of high performance concrete
K. Perumal* and R. Sundararajan

(100029051) Stochastic homogenization of steel fiber reinforced concrete
P. Prochzka*

(100029055) Nanochemomechanics of fiber reinforced concrete
P. Prochzka* and . Pekova

(100029053) Push over analysis of a multi-storey concrete perforated shear wall
R. Purasinghe* and A. Chianello

(100029054) Monitoring the inhibiting efficiency of corrosion inhibitior in reinforced concrete
J.H. Qiu*

(100029055) The chemistry of lignosulphonate and the effect on performance of lignosulphonate base plasticizers and superplasticizers
K. Reknes*

(100029056) The performance of a new lignosulphonate plasticizing admixture and its sensitivity to cement composition
K. Reknes*

(100029057) Chloride diffusivity of sprayed mortar in wet mix system
R. Sakurada*, K. Hirata, J. Ikeda, K. Maruyama, T. Shimomura and Y. Kawazoe

(100029058) Influence of the degree of flakiness of local aggregate on the properties of self-compacting concrete
M. Santhanam* and P.J. Amal Raj

(100029059) Investigation on Concrete rust preventive agent using Microorganisms (Mechanisms)
N. Sato*, S. Sugita and M. Shoya

(100029060) Development on reduction technique of environmental impact with the effective use of demolished concrete
Sato*, T. Kuwabara, T. Nonaka, T. Sato, R. Takata and K. Abe

(100029061) Prediction and prevention of plastic shrinkage cracking in cementitious composites
S.R.R. Senthilkumar* and S.C. Natesan

(100029062) Comparative study on hardened properties of self-compacting concrete (SCC) with normal slump concrete (NSC)
A.M.M. Sheinn*, C.T. Tam and F.L. Rodrigo

(100029063) Basic study on utilisation of unlawfully dumped industrial wastes for concrete materials
M. Shoya*, Y. Tsukinaga, M. Aba, H. Yamamichi, Y. Hosokawa and T. Sugawara

(100029064) Research needs in concrete
D. Srinivasan*

(100029065) A study on variation of compressive strength of high strength concrete at elevated temperatures
K. Srinivasa Rao, M. Potha Raju* and P.S.N. Raju

(100029066) Effects of acidity present in water on strength and setting properties of fly ash concrete
H. Sudarsana Rao*, V. Venkateswara Reddy and S.G. Vaishali

(100029067) Comparison of some plastic flow surfaces using a finite element elasto-visco-plastic computer programme
G. Taban-Wani* and J.A. Mwakali

(100029068) Investigation on alkali-silica reaction utilizing waste glass in concrete and suppressing effect by natural zeolite
R. Takata*, S. Sato, T. Nonaka, H. Ogata and K. Hattori

(100029069) Strength of exterior slab-column connections
S. Teng, J.Z. Geng* and H.K. Cheong

(100029070) Effects of alkalinity present in water on strength and setting properties of fly ash concrete
V. Venkateswara Reddy, H. Sudarsana Rao* and K.N. Jayaveera

(100029071) Study on compound design method of reinforcement arrangement of non-member reinforced concrete structures
Wu Shengxing, Xu Qiang* and Kang Qingliang

(100029072) The concrete wave-velocity tomography and application in hydro-structure testing
Zhao Mingjie, Xu Xibin* and Wang Xuejun

(100029073) Requirements for test results of concrete, actions on concrete of non-complying test results and their influence on cost of concrete
Zhou Hua*