Dam07 (5th) Paper
5th International Conference on DAM ENGINEERING
14-16 February 2007
LNEC, Lisbon, Portugal

Table of Contents

Keynote Papers

Cracks and flows in concrete face rock fill dams (CFRD)
Paulo T. Cruz* and Manoel S. Freitas Jr.

On the dynamic stability of potential sliding mass during earthquakes
Gao Lin*, Jianquan Wang, Zhiqiang Hu and Jun Liu

State of Art of compacted concrete face rockfill dams (CFRDs)
B. Matern*

Technical Papers

El Cajon Dam analysis of its behavior during construction and first filling
J.D. Aleman Velsquez* and S. Villegas Lesso

State of the Art of rock scour technology Part II
G.W. Annandale* and A.J. Schleiss

Case study: Ricobayo Dam scour analysis
G.W. Annandale* and M.F. George

Enhancing on-site dams visual inspections
Antnio Berberan*, Eliane Alves Portela and Joo Boavida

A comparative study of the leaching behaviour of cement mortar and concrete under different accelerated test conditions
M. Berra*, G. Faggiani, T. Mangialardi and A.E. Paolini

Scour prediction at Srisailam Dam (India)
E.F.R. Bollaert*

Constitutive modeling of rock scour by jet impingement
E.F.R. Bollaert* and A.J. Schleiss

The impulse response function analysis of pore pressures monitoring data
Stphane Bonelli* and Krzysztof Radzicki

Compaction control of soil-rock mixtures at Odelouca Dam by vibratory compaction tests and rammer compaction tests
A. Brito and L. Caldeira

Irap Dam design, construction and behaviour
Alex Martins Calcina*, Pedro Lagos Marques Filho, Jnder de Faria Leito, Paulo Teixeira da Cruz and Romildo Dias Moreira Filho

New proposal for portfolio safety assessment of embankment dams
Laura Caldeira* and Lurdes Pimenta

Committee to computational aspects of dam analysis and design
A. Carrre and G. Mazza*

Structural surveillance of Cahora Bassa Dam
E. Carvalho*, H. Silva and I. Tembe

A new solution for a concrete spillway over a rockfill dam. hydraulic model study of Barriga Dam in Spain
Lcia T. Couto*, A. Pinto Magalhes, Miguel ngel Toledo and Rafael Morn Moya

The hydraulic test of the spillway of the Sivand Dam
F. Daneshmand*, E. Azadi Yazdi and T. Liaghat

Numerical investigation and hydraulic model test of the bottom outlet of Vaniar Dam
F. Daneshmand* and Y. Bazargan Lari

Mix-design methods comparison for conventional, self-compacting and high-strength concretes
J L. de Abreu Pinto*, Maurice A. Traboulsi, Reynaldo M. Bittencourt, Rubens M. Bittencourt,
Denise C. C. Dal Molin and Andr L. B. Geyer

Analysis and interpretation of Pedrgo Dam behaviour during the first filling of the reservoir
Antnio Tavares de Castro*, Antnio Lopes Batista and Carlos Oliveira Serra

Automatic system for the management of monitoring information in 16 dams in the south of Spain
Juan de Dios Gallego, Emiliano Martinez Olias, Diego del Saz Lopez and Julin Portillo Aguilar

Dam rehabilitation study with process oriented numerical flow models
S. Erpicum*, P. Archambeau, S. Detrembleur, B. Dewals and M. Pirotton

Analysis of seepage in the foundation of Pedrgo Dam
Maria Lusa Braga Farinha*, Jos Vieira de Lemos and Antnio Tavares de Castro

Histride: an integrated software environment for the diagnosis of large dams via modal identification
A. Frigerio* and E. Bon

The use of flood forecasting in optimization of spillway capacity
Mariam Ghaffari and Ebrahim Jabbari*

On-tunnel spillway design on hydraulic model of LA YESCA hydroelectric project
E. Gonzlez* and J. Camargo

Hydro Tasmania consultings recent rcc dam experience
T. Griggs* and R. Herweynen

Technical difficulties associated with the development of Karkheh dam complementary cut-off wall, Iran
Mohammad Heidarzadeh*, Faramarz Eslamian and Ali A. Mirghasemi

Behavior and analysis of compaction characteristics of high paste roller compacted concrete mixes
Basavaraj Katageri*, P.V. Sivapullaiah and R.N. Herkal

Long term geotechnical problems due to dams
Shaukat Ali Khan*

Research on the use of ultrasound technology in rcc layering control
L.A. Lacerda, A.C.M. Kormann, D.E.Moser* and L.F.P. Oliveira

Dam safety and low cost spillway designs
F. Lemprire* and J.P. Vigny

Gavoshan Dam during construction and pondage intervals
A. Mahboobi*, M. Aminpoor* and S. Kazempoor

The importance of monitoring in the analysis of operating dams
Aldo Marcello*

LA YESCA, the newest hydroelectric project in Mexico
Humberto Marengo*, Evert Hernndez and Salvador Aguirre

Pressure fluctuation in a surge tank with different arrangements on hydraulic model of Zimapn hydropower plant
H. Marengo, F. Ochoa* and C. Corts

Lining design in spillway stilling basins
Christian Marson*, Virgilio Fiorotto and Elpidio Caroni

Evaluation behavior and safety conditions of Shirvan arch dam subjected to movement of left abutment fault
Daliri Massoud*

Application of neural networks to dam safety control
Juan Mata*, Eliane Portela and Joaquim Dias

Durability of rcc-methods and fines content analysis
B.L. Medeiros*, C.E. Michaud, A.M. Kormann and D.E. Moser

Dynamic behaviour characterization of concrete dams based on continuous monitoring
P. Mendes*, C. Oliveira Costa, J. Almeida Garrett and S. Oliveira

The rational technology on research of an actual condition of earth dams related to their safe operation
R. Minasyan*, S. Zeizafun and S. Minasyan

Construction of siah bishe concrete face rockfill dam
L. Modarres and Z. Ghannad*

Main design features of the downstream gravity dam of Baixo Sabor
Gilberto Silva Monteiro, Irene Ramos Fernandes and D. Silva Matos*

Temperature and strain measurements in rcc dams using fibre optic instrumentation
D.E. Moser*, M. Aufleger, R. Hoepffner, V. Neisch, M.A. Soares and J.M. Filho

Effect of alkali-aggregate reactions (AAR) in concrete dams using finite element method
Mahmoud Moshtagh, Ali Noorzad and Mohsen Ghaemian

Thermal and structural studies of the rcc downstream dam of Baixo Sabor
Graa Maria Moura* and Paulo Monteiro

Contribution of incremental extensometers in the monitoring of concrete dam foundations
Jos Muralha* and Antnio Tavares de Castro

Statistical analysis of measured elastic wave velocity of rockfill dam
Toshiro Okamoto*

Baixo Sabor hydraulic project preliminary design of significant environmental mitigation and compensation measures
Manuel S. Oliveira*, J. Miguel Oliveira, Gilberto S. Monteiro and J. Dias Silva

Roller-compacted concrete dams: design alternatives case study: Pedrgo rcc dam (Portugal)
Francisco Ortega S*

Study on the optimization model of arch dams closure process under construction and its impacts on river ecosystems
Peng Hui*, Liu De-fu and Tian Bin

Hydrodynamic forces on slabs of hydraulic jump stilling basins
Antnio N. Pinheiro*, Antnio C. Quintela and Carlos M. Ramos

A challenge to very high CFRD dams: very high concrete face compressive stresses
Nelson L. de S. Pinto*,

Monitoring and assessment of structures: computational tools and techniques issues
Eliane Alves Portela*

Enterprise management models of electric energy generation: a study case on Furnas Centrais Eltricas S.A.
Mrcio Antnio Arantes Porto*

Kremasta Dam (Greece): Long-term behaviour and performance of the highest earthfill dam in Europe
S. Pytharouli*, V. Kontogianni, P. Psimoulis and S. Stiros

Latest monitoring techniques for dam control
F. Robotti

Operation of impounding work on hydraulic model of ATEMAJAC hydropower plant
O. Ruiz* and J. Camargo

Clogging phenomenon laboratory tests and numerical modelling
A. Rutecka* and Z. Kowalewski,

Experiences in design and construction of a hydraulic model for energy dissipation and erosion studies
Saied Saiedi* and Kalaikumar Vallyutham

Risk analysis of embankment dams through FMEA method. application to a tailings dam
R. Santos*, J. Bil Serra and L. Caldeira

State of the art of rock scour technology Part I
Anton J. Schleiss* and George W. Annandale

Rehabilitation of Covo do Ferro Masonry Dam
A. Scuero*, J. Vale, G. Vaschetti, A. Quintela, A. Ribeiro da Silva, J. Mora Ramos and A. S da Costa

The functions of the technical manager of the dam operation according to the Portuguese regulations for safety of dams
A. Silva Gomes*

The hydromechanical behaviour of Cahora Bassa Dam foundation
H. Silva*, I. Tembe and E. Carvalho

Arch dam design of the Baixo Sabor upstream scheme
D. Silva Matos*, Jos Paixo and Nuno Antunes

Deformation analysis of thin arch dams under hydrostatic and gravitational forces by using triangular streched plate elements
Hakan Sirin*

Composite element method for the temperature field analysis of layered roller compacted concrete
Sun Nai-bo, Xu Qing and Chen Sheng-hong*

FEM analysis of stability and reinforcement of high rock slope for Silin hydropower station
Sun Yuelin*, Shen Zhenzhong and Zhao Xiaze

Analytical solutions of two-dimensional turbulent seepage in rock-fill dams
Per Sundqvist and James X.L. Yang*

Three dimensional analysis of Kozyak Dam
Ljubomir Tancev*, Gorgi Kokalanov and Ljupcho Petkovski

Seismic analysis of gravity dam with opening
S. N. Tande* and Samir A. Patil

Influence of the type of rock on mechanical properties of rockfill
A. Veiga Pinto*

Nacala Dam. structural safety assessment and corrective measures
A. Veiga Pinto*

Alqueva Dam early warning system
Teresa Viseu*, Joo Palma and Carlos Oliveira Costa

Finite element analysis of crack propagation at arch dam heel
Wang Wei-ming and Chen Sheng-hong*

Composite element method for the temperature field simulation of the concrete structures containing cooling pipes
Xu Qing, Sun Nai-bo and Chen Sheng-hong*

Experiences obtained from drilling & grouting works performed in EL. 621 gallery located 40M underneath the water table of Karun-III Dam & HEPP
Hamid Reza Yaghooti*