PS06 (2nd) Paper

2nd International Conference on

3 5 December 2006
Selangor, MALAYSIA

Keynote Papers

Modeling the behavior of soft clays and new contributions for soil improvement solutions
Mounir Bouassida*

Deformation analysis of peaty soft ground under embankment with vacuum preloading
T Mitachi* and NYamazoe

The residual shear strength of soils, including those reinforced with short polypropylene fibres
M Isabel M Pinto, L J L Lemos, and Isabel M C F G Falorca

Effectiveness of sloping capillary barriers under high precipitation rates
Harianto Rahardjo*, Denny Tami and Leong Eng Choon

Bonded soils: problematic or predictable?
D G Toll, V Malandraki, Z Ali Rahman and D Gallipoli

Technical Papers

Estimating ultimate bearing capacity of heaved soils subjected to repeated cycles of shrinkage and swelling
A M Abu-Bakr

Laboratory formation of artificial collapsible loess
M Ahmad and I Jefferson*

Experimental detection of one dimensional grout spread using image processing active contour model
A At Alawa, N Saiyouri and P-Y Hicher

Mathematical modeling of slope stability using deterministic approach
Salem Al-Sanusi*, Gassem Jalut and Amro Osman

Geotechnical properties of municipal solid waste landfill in Chiangmai, Thailand
Chitchai Anantasech

Waste materials in ground improvement applications
W Brown*, J A Black, B A McCabe and V Sivakumar

Treatment of a collapsible soil for road construction
D Cameron* and R Nuntasarn

Relationship between shear wave velocity and undrained shear strength of stabilised natural clays
C-M Chan

Effect of random inclusion of fiber in the volume change behaviour of Cochin marine clay
Sobha Cyrus*, US Sharma and Babu T Jose

Compressibility behavior of tropical peat soil
Youventharan Duraisamy*, Bujang B K Huat, Ratnasamy Muniandy and Azlan Abdul Aziz

Groundwater problems and solutions in desert arid areas
M Hamza, M Shahien* and S Corrie

Variation in strength improved by the trencher mixing method
H Hashimoto*, S Nishimoto and H Hayashi

Evaluation of permeability and compressibility variation in consolidation of clays
A M Hassan and A M Abu Bakr

Performance of prefabricated vertical drain method with reinforced fill on peat
Hirochika Hayashi* and Satoshi Nishimoto

The usefulness of nominal cement on bearing capacity and modulus of deformation of clayey soil
M Z Hossain* and T Sakai

Principle & method of optimization design for soft soil stabilizer
Huang Xin*, Ning Jian-Guo, Li Zhan-Guo and Xu Sheng

Chemical stabilization for tropical peat soils
Bujang B K Huat* and Youventharan Duraisamy

Effect of anisotropic consolidation on unconfined and triaxial compressive strength of remolded highly organic soil
M Igarashi, M Tsushima*, T Mitachi, H Oikawa and T Ogino

Implementation of treatment mesaures for sinkhole occurrence in the state of Kuwait
H Kamal, M Taha and H Karam

Highly organic soil stabilization by different types of admixture
P K Kolay* and N S Bt Romali

The effect of silica fume on the clay stabilized with lime in presence of sulphate
M Makarchian and H Roshan Omid

EPS footing for lightweight farm structure on peat soil
Mohammad Abdullah, Bujang B K Haut*, Rezuwan Kamaruddin, Abu Kasim Ali and Youventharan Duraisamy

Hydraulic conductivity of decomposed granite soil in unsaturated state
T Nishigata, Y Nakayama, K Inoue, K Sawa, K Nishida and S Araki

Expansive bentonite/silt mixture behavior in cyclic suction-controlled drying and wetting
H Nowamooz, F Masrouri and O Cuisinier

Evaluation of shear modulus of reconstituted highly organic soil by bender element test
T Ogino, H Oikawa, T Mitachi and M Igarashi

Soil modelling by a dynamically coupled solid-water-gas system
J P Oostveen*

The role of silt fraction on the erosion and dispersivity behaviour of clayey soils
V R Ouhadi* and M Shahbazi-Tabar

Evaluation of drained shear strength of bentonite - sand mixtures
Mohammad S Pakbaz*, and Navid Khayat

Utilization of flyash and lime sludge in combination for improving expansive soil
K A Patil* and M M Kolhe

Investigation of factors affecting the design of sodium silicate grout
M S Ranadive* and R B Shirole

Characterization of a Swelling Clay Stone: Physical, Mineralogical and Mechanical Properties
M Shahien*

Glass industry waste as foundation support for structures
Shaukat Ali Khan*

Glass industry waste as fill for highways embankments
Shaukat Ali Khan*

Topographical maps and construction problems
Shaukat Ali Khan*

Strengthening of existing shallow foundation due to change in bearing capacity
Shaukat Ali Khan* and Naveed Arshad

Behavior of california bering ratio of soil/fly ash mixtures with and without additives
P V Sivapullaiah, Basavaraj Katageri* and R N Herkal

Consolidation characteristics and feasibility of empirical correlations for estuary deposits
C H Solanki*, J A Desai and M D Desai

Expansive soils in India properties, problems and case study
C H Solanki* and B J Mehta

Efficacy of stabilized fly ash cushions in arresting heave of expansive soils
A Sreerama Rao*, R Dayakara Babu and B Varaprasada Rao

The identification of the critical layer in the mechanism of landslide with the application of distinct element method
Su Su Kyi*, K Aoki, Y Mito, D Karnawati and Subagyo Pramumijoyo*

Stability of slope constructed on medium stiff clay traced with inclined layer of expansive clay 363
P Tanseng*

A conversion procedure using plane strain unit cell under vacuum-surcharge preloading condition
Tuan Anh Tran and Toshiyuki Mitachi

Geotechnical properties of two volcanic soils
L D Wesley*

Geotechnical conditions and soil improvement techniques applied in construction of the A2 motorway in Poland
Andrzej TWojtasik*, Pawel Lecki, Maciej Troc and Pawel Dojcz

Effect of process of ettringite formation on strength properties in stabilized soil
Xu Sheng* and Huang Xin

Building techniques of expansive soils embankment for Guangxi Nanning - Youyi Gate Expressway
Yang He-Ping, He Ying-Xi and Zheng Jian-Long

Reduction of swell pressure of expansive soils using some polymeric additives
S Yasrobi and M Mirzababaei*