PS03 (1nd) Paper
International Conference on PROBLEMATIC SOILS
29-30 July 2003-Nottingham, United Kingdom

Keynote Papers

Fills: their engineering character and treatment
F G Bell and M G Culshaw*

Geotechnical properties of problem soils formed outside the temperate regions
F G Bell and M G Culshaw*

Building on fill: the significance of collapse compression
J A Charles*

Post-wetting static and dynamic behaviour of collapsible soils
S L Houston*, T Elkady and W N Houston

Shrinkable soils in the United Kingdom an ongoing National disaster
C Page*

Use of geosynthetics in embankments on soft soils
M I M Pinto* and P J da Venda Oliveira

Shear strength characteristics of residual soils in Singapore
H Rahardjo*, E C Leong and R B Rezaur

Mineral and chemical analyses of weathered and unweathered Pierre Shale
V R Schaefer* and R A Lohnes

On the shear strength of unsaturated soils
D Toll*

Technical Papers

Earth dams on liquefiable soil deposits: State-of-the-art in seismic rehabilitation
K Adalier* and M K Sharp

Physico-chemical picture and interpretation of swell potential of expensive soils and method of stabilisation
W Abdullah

Effect of fibres on unconfined compressive strength of clayey soil
N M Al-Akhras*

Geopier intermediate foundation systems - case studies for building foundations over soft organic soils and peat
C Allgood, L Weppler+, B Lien* and N S Fox

Improvement of soil geotechnical properties using incinator ash
A A Al-Rawas*, H Hassan, K Al-Shihi, K Al-Hashmi & Y Al-Alawi

Effect of vibro-stone columns on the interpretation of seismic cone data
A Amini and J A Howie*

Engineering behaviour of cement-acrylic resin treated soft clay
C A Anagnostopoulos, I Stavridakis*and I N Grammatikopoulos

Investigation of Loess composition and properties for radioactive waste disposal
D Antonov*

Small strain shear modulus of volcanic soils and evaluation methods
T Asonuma*, S Miura and A Timpong

Geotextile filtration of a problematic silt in a triaxial permeameter
Azlan A Aziz*, H Omar and Md Z Yusoff

Study on the Liquefaction characteristic of QianTang River silts
Y Q Cai* and X D Pan

A study on the behaviour of adjacent ground applying compaction grouting method in soft clay
B S Chun* and Y H Yeoh

Compilation of an SPT-LPT grain size effect database for gravels
C R Daniel*, J A Howie and A Sy

Specific surface area: an aid to identify some problem soils
D Entwisle* and S Kemp

Comparison of the experimental behaviour of unsaturated silty soil with Barcelona Model
A R Estabragh*, A A Javadi and J C Boot

A study of loess area geodynamic development for NPP construction
J Evlogiev*

Comparison of liquefaction assessment of Adapazari Region after the August 17th 1999 Marmara Earthquake
S Firat* and H Arman

An investigation into Atterberg Limits and their suitability for assessing the shrinkage and swelling characteristics of clay soils for foundation design
C A Gray* and M W Frost

Permeability and adsorption properties of the compacted volcanic cohesive soils
Y Hayashi*, Y Kitazono and A Suzuki

Determination of swelling in Marl Eluvia and Illite clays
J Jaremski*

Some results of bioremediation in waste yards and their influence on the contaminated soils
J Jaremski*

Foundation improvement for preventing seepage using cutoff walls
S Jaritngam*

Volume change and hydraulic conductivity properties of an expansive clay exposed to landfill leachate
S Jayasekera*

Solution to improve soils in Northern-East of Iran mixed with Gypsum
M R Kakhi*

Characteristics of long-term settlement on highly organic soil
S Kamao*, T Wakisaka and T Saito

Arching in the calcareous soil of Tabriz
H Katebi, R Freer-Hewish and G Ghataora*

Effect of suction on unconfined compressive strength of decomposed granite soil
S Kato*, Y Yoshimura, W Sunden and H Shinkai

Properties of lateral swelling at clayey soils
S N Keskin* and S Uzundurukan

A constitutive model for unsaturated weak rockfills
Y Kohgo*, I Asano and Y Hayashida

The effect of Thornthwaite moisture index changes on ground movements in expansive soils in Victoria, Australia
K McManus*, D Lopes and N V Osman

Light buildings on swelling / shrinking soils: Case histories from Oltrepo Pavese (North-Western Italy)
C Meisina*

Feasability of using shredded tyres as a drainage material in geotechnical applications
C C Miller* and M W Frost

A study on the impacts of wastewater on the coastal soils of the Red Sea near Jeddah
A M Mohorjy* and A M Khan

Practical determination of soil permeability of sand sediment that includes gravel and cobbles
T Morii*, Y Takeshita and M Inoue

Cyclic shear behaviour of cemented marine clay subjected to initial shear stress
S Narasimha Rao*, G G Moses and A Swarnalatha

Root reinforcement of unstable slopes in Northern Greece and Central Italy
J E Norris* and J R Greenwood

Tertiary compression of fibrous peat
C D O'Loughlin* and B M Lehane

Swelling pressure of clays and its control
M L Ohri*

Identification, effect and consolidation of constructions grounded on shrinking clays
A Popa*, V F?rca?, C Urian and A Suciu

Volumetric swell and shrinkage movements of stabilized expansive soils
A J Puppala* and K Punthutaecha

Problems and solutions in run-way formation on high compressible soft clay
R Rama Rao*

Voltage and duration effects on electro-osmotic treatment of dispersive soils
J Sadrekarimi* and A Sadrekarimi

A Numerical model for seepage behaviour of unsaturated soil
K Sako* and R Kitamura

Vapour equilibrium technique for tests on a highly compacted bentonite-sand mixture
A S Samingan* and T Schanz

The use of peat as filling material
A Sato* and J Nishikawa

Dry bottom feed vibro stone column construction techniques in soft clay soils and contaminated fills
C J Serridge* and M Evans

A Case study - Stabilisation of the dispersive soil by the application of admixture
S S Shah* and M S Ahmad

Effect of acid rain on the index and strength properties of swelling soils
V K Stalin*, G Annalaxmi and K Pachaiyappan

Influence of acid permeation on the chemical characteristics of soils and solid waste
V K Stalin*, P Dayakar and M Muthukumar

Treatment of granular fills and collapsible loess deposits using the rapid Impact compaction technique
O Synac, C J Serridge* and M Evans

Effect of heat treatment on the behaviour of Montmorillonite clay in presence of lime
M A Taher*

Pile foundation bearing capacity characteristics of volcanic ash in Hokkaido, Japan
K Tomisawa* and J Nishikawa

Being Creative - Practical solutions for (Theoretical) problematic soils
J Vlak*

Analysis of consolidation creep of marine soft soils
C M Wang, Q Wang, S H Zhang and Y B Xia

A quantitative study on the micro-structure characteristics of soil and its application in engineering
Q Wang*, J P Chen and B F Shi

Cation exchange capacity and swelling characteristics of geosynthetic liners
D C Wijeyesekera

Study, analysis and stabilization of the slope of Km 2 of Northern Freeway of Tabriz
M Yousezadeh Fard* and R Vafali Pour

Laboratory test study of soda residual soil
M Y Zhang* and F Q Han

The effect of expansive soils in Sufi-Chai project
R Ajalloeian and M R Ashkbosi

Load tests in model piers and dimensional analysis
D V Borges* and A P Garcia

Sustainability land use planning of Siva Oasis, westeren desert of Egypt using remote sensing and GIS techniques
A H ElNahry

Stabilization of black cotton soil with lime
A L Kyulule*

Highly soil suction portion of the soil-water characteristic curve
T Nishimura*

Reclamation of expansive soil by adding coarser fractions and their predictions
V K Stalin*, A P Ambily and K Pachaiyappan