SI17 Papers
12th International Conference on
Shock & Impact Loads on Structures
14-16 June 2017
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Latest Update

The 12th SI Conference Lecture
"Performance-based Design of Steel Protective Structures against Debris Flow"
will be delivered by Nobutaka ISHIKAWA (Prof.Emeritus of National Defense Academy, Japan)
(authors: N Ishikawa*, Joji Shima, Ryo Matsuzama, Masakatsu Yamaguchi and Takahisa Mizuyama)

Keynote Papers

Dr Mohammed Ettouney, Mohammed Ettouney, LLC, USA
“Risk and resilience of shock and impact issues of civil infrastructures: climate change considerations”
(authors: Mohammed M Ettouney and Sreenivas Alampalli)

Professor Kazunori Fujikake, National Defense Academy, Japan
"Impact resistance of RC beams by CFRP strengthening"
(authors: Kazunori Fujikake*, Sam Soeum and Takahiro Matsui)

Professor Hong Hao, Tianjin University and Curtin University Joint Research Center, China/Australia
“Impact response of precast concrete segmental columns “
(authors: Hong Hao, Xihong Zhang, Chao Li, and Tin Van Do)

Professor Daigoro Isobe, University of Tsukuba, Japan
“Risk estimation for progressive collapse of buildings”
(authors: Daigoro Isobe, Kohei Oi and Kota Azuma)

Professor Bassam A Izzuddin, Imperial College, United Kingdom
“A new generation of simplified models for steel and composite structures under blast loading”
(authors: Bassam A Izzuddin and Bassam A Burgan)

Professor Yong Lu, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
“The mechanics of concrete material under high strain rate loading – recent development”

Professor Mark Stewart, The University Of Newcastle, Australia
“Quantitative explosive risk assessment of blast and fragmentation hazards”
(authors: Mark G Stewart and Michael D Netherton)

Professor Brian Uy, The University of New South Wales, Australia
"Impact and blast loading of steel and composite structural elements"
(authors: Brian Uy* and Alex Remennikov)

Technical Papers

Professor Masuhiro Beppu, National Defense Academy, Japan
"Numerical simulation of failure behavior of rc slabs subjected to low velocity impact"
(authors: Shinnosuke Kataoka, MasuhiroBeppu, HiroyoshiIchino, Ryo Matsuzawa and Masaharu Itoh)

Professor Masuhiro Beppu, National Defense Academy, Japan
"Numerical simulation of reinforced concrete beams subjected to close-in explosion"
(authors: MakotoNagata, MasuhiroBeppu and HiroyoshiIchino)

Waldemar Cichorski, Military University of Technology, Poland
"Influence of High Strength of Concrete and Reinforcing Steel on Dynamic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam"
(authors: Waldemar Cichorski* and Adam Stolarski)

Mr J W Denny, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
"Multi-Axis long duration blast response of steel column sections”
(authors: J W Denny and S K Clubley)

Yifan Z Fu, Karagozian & Case, USA
Simplified Analysis Method for Target Response due to Shaped Charge Threat
(authors: Yifan Z Fu*and John E Crawford)

Dr Pat Heffernan, Royal Military College of Canada, Canada
"Autodyn modelling of the clearing of blast shockwaves around finite targets and comparison with current standard practice"
(authors: Yazan Qasrawi and Pat J Heffernan*)

Toshiyuki Horiguchi, National Defense Academy, Japan
"Impact load of debris flow with hugh boulders against steel open Sabo Dam"
(authors: Toshiyuki Horiguchi*, Satoshi Katsuki* and Nobutaka Ishikawa**)

Xiaomeng Hou, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
"Analysis on failure modes of RPC one-way slabs subjected to blast load"
(authors: Xiaomeng Hou*, Shaojun Cao and Qin Rong)

Xiaomeng Hou, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
"Parametric study on damage assessment of RPC one-way slabs subjected to blast load"
(authors: Shaojun Cao, Xiaomeng Hou* and Qin Rong)

Chao Huang, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
"Strain rate loading and the responses of glass curtain wall under blast loading"
(authors: Xudong Zhi*, Fengfeng Yao and Chao Huang)

Mr Masaharu Itoh, Numerical Modeling & Analysis Consultant, Japan
“Formulation of a stabilized node-based polyhedral element with applications to high-velocity impact analysis”

Professor Bassam A Izzuddin, Imperial College, United Kingdom
“Advanced FE Modelling and SDOF Idealization of Masonry Cavity Cladding under Blast Loading”
(authors: J Gu, L Macorini and B A Izzuddin)

Professor Herbert Klapperich, TU Bergakademie Freiber, Germany
"Greater safety for geosynthetic-reinforced earth (GRE) systems - noise protection, impact and fire performance in full-scale trial"
(authors: A Herold, L Vollmert, H Klapperich and G Li)

Professor Ichiro Kuroda, National Defense Academy, Japan
"A fundamental experiment on erosion damages of corner section of concrete under cyclic impact :
(authors: Ichiro Kuroda*, Toshiyuki Horiguchi and Satoshi Katsuki)

Zhejian Li, Australia
"Numerical study of folded square dome shape structure against flatwise crushing"
(authors: Zhejian Li*, Wensu Chen and Hong Hao)

Dr Feng Lin, Tongji University, China
"Comparative studies on the impact behavior of two reinforced concrete blocks using FEM and SPH methods"
(authors: Feng Lin* and Yu Zhang)

L Macorini*, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
"Advanced FE modelling and SDOF idealization of masonry cavity cladding under blast loading"
(authors: Y J Gu, L Macorini* and B A Izzuddin)

Mr Kevin A Mueller, Hinman Consulting Engineers, Inc., USA
"Resilient design of infrastructure to explosive threats"
(authors: Kevin A Mueller; Brian Katz and Shalva Marjanishvili)

Dr Amr A Nassr, Kyoto University, Japan
“Investigation on wave controlled impact of GFRP Thin Plates”
(authors: Amr A Nassr and Tomomi Yagi)

Nga Thu Nguyen, Kanazawa University, Japan
"Study on inspecting real bridge deck by several falling weight deflectometer systems"
(authors: Nga Thu Nguyen*, Hiroshi Masuya, Hiroshi Yokoyama, Tatsuya Oba and Tomonobu Kawada)

Dr Thong M Pham, Curtin University, Australia
”Effect of flexural and shear stiffness of reinforced concrete beams on impact performance”
(authors: Thong M Pham* and Hong Hao)

Professor Yoshimi Sonoda*, Kyushu University, Japan
"An analysis study on the impact penetration failure of a concrete slab using SPH method"
(authors: Ko Goto and Yoshimi Sonoda*)

Tran Le Hoang Trung, Kanazawa University, Japan
"Study on performance verification of protection fence for rockfall with small energy"
(authors: Tran Le Hoang Trung *,Hiroshi Masuya, Youich ishita and Ishi Taichi)

Dr Wang Bo, Beijing University of Civil Engineering & Architecture, China
“Study on the Dynamic Performance of Polymer Modified High Strength Mortar"

Dr Yonghui Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
“A novel multilayer blast resistant façade system”
(authors: Yonghui Wang, Ximei Zhai and Wei Wang)

Professor Chengqing Wu*, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
"Experimental and Numerical investigation of ultra-high performance concrete targets against projectile impact loading"
(authors: Jian Liu and Chengqing Wu*)

Yanqing Wu, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
"Numerical simulation study on low-velocity impacted cook-off PBX explosive charge"
(authors: Yanqing Wu*, Cai Hu, Liu Yan and Fenglei Huang)

Professor Ximei Zhai, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
“Numerical simulation on dynamic response of the 160000m3 LNG tank's external concrete wall under impact loading”
(authors: Ximei Zhai and Chen Yan)

Xiao Qing Zhou, Shenzhen University, China
"Numerical simulation of concrete perforation"
(authors: Xiao Qing Zhou*, Zheng Liang and Yong Xia)

(Note: Authors whose names are not updated, kindly inform the secretariat. Thank you.)


Technical papers and presentations are invited in one or more of the following topics, as well as in other related topics, within the general theme of the Conference:

1. Blast effects on key infrastructure and other important assets
2. Blast-resistant design of structures
3. Blast protection of physical assets and protective technologies
4. Dynamic response of structures under impulsive loads
5. Performance of building facades under shock and impact loads
6. Risk assessment for critical infrastructure subjected to shock and impact loads
7. Missile impact and penetration mechanics
8. Ballistics/projectile impact on structural and non-structural elements
9. Debris impact on structures and their effects on structural performance
10. Experimental techniques for testing under dynamic loads
11. High strain-rate effects on materials and infrastructure components
12. Numerical simulation and modelling – processes and techniques
13. Shock and wave propagation
14. Shock waves and their effects on structures
15. Hydrodynamic forces on structures and their effects on structural behaviour
16. Tsunami loads and their effects on coastal infrastructure
17. Tsunami modelling, tsunami maps, and tsunami early warning systems
18. Dynamic elastic and inelastic analysis of structures under seismic ground shock
19. Dynamic soil-structure interaction
20. Earthquake loads and seismicity
21. Earthquake-resistant design of structures

Submissions are now invited and abstracts (of about 400 words, within one A4 page), may be sent to the Conference Director, Er. John S Y Tan, via:
emails: or

IMPORTANT DATES - please note new dates

- submission of abstracts by: 30 Nov 2016 (30 Mar 2017)
- notification of acceptance: 15 Jan 2017 (30 Mar 2017)
- full text to be received by: 30 Mar 2017 (1 May 2017)
- conference dates: 14-16 Jun 2017

Submission and Registration notes

CI-PREMIER Conference Organisation will require all authors to allow the Conference to hold the copyrights of the papers published in the Proceedings, which will carry an ISBN reference. Full length papers will be published on CDRom or USB.

All abstracts received are reviewed for acceptance and the accepted texts are also peer reviewed for the Conference Award Schemes.

Please note that it is part of the requirements of acceptance that the author or one of the co-authors will attend the Conference and present the paper.

Papers accepted for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings will have to be registered, with a text-inclusion fee for each paper. (Each text inclusion fee is SGD400.00). The fee is not an additional fee for the one paper, as it will be part of the registration fee at attendance.