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36th Conference on

Recent Advances in the Technology of Fresh Concrete

14-16 AUGUST 2011
Goodwood Park Hotel

The Conference is dedicated to

Prof Olafur H. Wallevik
ICI Rheocenter, Iceland


Organiser: CI-Premier Conference Organisation, Singapore

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The 2011 OWICS conference shall be dedicated to Professor Olafur H Wallevik, Iceland, for his support and significant contribution to this conference series.

Prof Olafur H Wallevik has worked with the rheology of concrete and other cement based particle suspensions from the time he obtained his M.Eng degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1983 doing research in this area. He continued research in this area and launched the first version of the BML B Viscometer in 1987. This device is now available throughout the world. He received his PhD in rheology from the same University in 1990. In the area of rheology of fresh concrete his main fields of research include high performance concrete, high strength concrete, self-compacting concrete and microstructures. He is currently the head of the concrete division at the Icelandic Building Research Institute and the Manager of Contech Ltd. He is a former vice president of the Nordic Rheology Society and a former chairman of the scientific commission in the Nordic Concrete Federation.

An exceptional programme is being planned and we invite submission of original papers relevant to the main theme of this years conference. We look forward to your participation.

Special Session on Chemical and mineral admixture for more sustainable structure

Among those who are invited to have a special paper:

Prof S Shah
Prof J Walraven
Prof P C Aitcin
Prof J Stark
Prof K Khayat
Prof H Justnes
Prof D Hooton
Prof Sakai
Prof De Shutter
Prof M Zhang
Dr P Sandberg
Dr P Billberg
Per Fidjestol
Dr K Kjellsen
Dr T A Hammer
Dr Jon E Wallevik
Dr N Roussel
Dr D Feys
Prof B Wigum
Dr K Reknes
Dr R Flatt
Dr L Trane
Dr S Kubens

Also invited to give special presentations are:

Yogesh Chhabra
Michael Khrapko
I Nielsson
B Hhartarson
S Oesterheld
F Mueller
K Aleksandersson
T I Kristhansson
Sunna Wallevik

And Special Keynote Lectures by: Prof Balzs L Gyrgy, Budapest University, Hungary, and President of fib

A/Prof K C Gary Ong
OW11 Conference Chairman